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Canoeing by a beautiful lake or a river is an unforgettable way to spend a summer day with friends or just by yourself. When you roll quietly along the water you can observe the nature and its creatures in their natural environment without disturbing them.

Our guided canoeing trips are an extremely good way to get familiar with canoening and even if you have not tried it before as the trip begins with a "quick" course to canoeing and it contains basic technique and safety instructions for canoeing.

Canoeing trips can vary from a two-hour trip to a several day journey. All the trips are organised and planned together with the participants.



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If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Snowshoeing is easy to learn and it is a captivating and relaxing form of winter sports. Why not gather a group and step on showshoes at Birgitta Trail in Lempäälä!

At the beginning of the showshoe trip we will learn the proper technique and do some warm-up exercises. The trip will take us around Finnish nature in its beautiful "winter costume". In a wilderness lean-to hut we will have a cup of coffee and a sandwich by open fire. And we will end the trip by stretching and relaxing stiff muscles.

What to take with:
- poles (not compulsory)
- a lightweight backpack with fruit or energy bar (chocolate) and something to drink
- spare gloves
- warm clothes (for coffee break)
- hiking shoes or boots